I wanted to offer a page in which I present my rates to make your film for your business website.  The big boys in town, that is the people who have been at it  longer than me, are asking $1,500 per day of shooting.  This amounts to about $188 per hour in an eight-hour day.  I will not ask for that.  As a brand-new production company, I am asking for $95 per hour with a required half-day fee for shooting.  A half-day would consist of four hours of work.  But shooting a film is just one aspect of creating the best possible product for your business.  There are three phases to the filmmaking process.  There is the pre-production phase where we write an outline followed by a good script, then comes the production phase where the lights, camera, and action occur.  After the film is “in-the-can,” there is the post-production phase where I edit the film, I sweeten the sound, I compose the score, and I correct the color of the film.  So, for a half-hour training video, I would ask for 23 hours of work, which would look like the following on a billing sheet:


Project Outlining:  1 Hour

Writing:  5 Hours


Filming and ADR (voiceover)8 Hours


Editing  – Audio/ Video:    8 Hours

Music Scoring:  variable Hours @ $95 Hour

Authoring – Uploading to website1 Hour

Estimated Hours:  23 Hours

@ $95 Hour = $2185

Equipment Fees (tapes, camera)  $25

Estimated Total  $2210

Additional Costs:

Original Music ________ Hours @ $95 per hour

Estimated Grand Total $______________

Naturally, different projects would call for different amounts of time for the three stages of the filmmaking process.

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