Client: Guided Heights. Pre-Production, Day One

Guided Heights Massage, a Boulder masseuse and healer by the name of Joshua Marable, has hired me to do a video for his website.  We met for dinner at Chez Thuy a Vietnamese restaurant in North Boulder.   He said he transports the people he massages to another world.  With my close relationship to the dream world, we came up with the following story boards.  Good God they are messy, but the beginning of every project often is.

We open on a woman alone, supine on a massage table wrapped in white sheets.  A panoramic shot.  A well-lit, windowed room.  Suddenly, a strapping body worker, with satin black skin, appears, dressed in flowing Qigong robes.  An Ascetic Healer Nurturer, she is gently rubbed and transported from this land to…

A mountain top with the Continental Divide in the background.  She gets the holy treatment here, rubbed in ways never before rubbed.  Another panoramic image, a few close-up of this genius magi’s technique, another moment of orgasmic delight and fade to…

A dark room and suddenly two barn doors burs open, our masseuse is a steward, escorting his lucky client out into an open prairie field.  In a flowing sundress she throws late summer daisies to him.  “Catch up to me.”  She seems to say.  He smiles, humbly.  “Ah.  I only obey.”  He bows in reverence.  He is her loyal servant, meant to bring her mind and body long needed peace, and nothing more.  She frolics on, the screen fades to white and suddenly…

The massage table is before a waterfall and our loyal massage therapist continues to work his magic over this blessed woman’s body.  Long hand pressure waves and firm fingers down the Latissimus Dorsi and back followed by an expert elbow flourish that only a seasoned practitioner such as this could pull off.  Thereby the woman, defeated, completely in the assured hands of the Guided Heights therapist, drops her arms off the table.  A powerful shot displays the strong man holding her swaddled form wrapped in crisp, clean white sheets while standing barefoot in the middle of a river.  He is the trusted protector before the roaring mist of the waterfall.

The last page reveals the return from the Land of the Extraordinary back to the living room and massage table where we began.  Did this person actually travel to these places to get this massage?  Were the feelings and sensations so exquisite that she only dreamed she went to there?  Such is the journey one might take at Guided Heights.  But now a close up on a crystal shard, a de-ionizer of the divine order, cleanses the room hovering over the client’s happy body.  She is still and our masseuse disappears, was he a ghost?  A magician of Earthly delight, a fantasm.  And what of our woman?  Our lucky client?  Well her eyes open, a smile spreads across her face.  She is transformed.  Another lucky customer.

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