Client: Guided Heights. Pre-Production, Day Two

Ferry Boat Films and Guided Heights Massage owner and proprietor, Joshua Marable, went location scouting for the video we are intending to shoot for his business website.  We first went up Flagstaff Mountain to a lookout onto the Continental Divide.  After Joshua carried his heavy massage table to the location where we wanted to shoot, we assembled and set it in place.  It was amazing how the massage table, a beautiful hand-crafted thing, fit perfectly in the spot we intended for it, as if this location was meant to be.  Here is a photo of its intended position.

We descended the mountain, ate tacos at Chipotle, and stopped at the driving range at Gateway Park.  Joshua, the generous producer, treated me to a bucket of balls and even let me use his driver.  Afterward, we went looking for a barn for the middle segment of his video where the characters are intended to pass through in a dreamlike birth of joy and freedom.  We found nothing there at the edge of town so we drove toward the Boulder Reservoir and found the open grassy field for our characters to frolic through.  Here is my favorite shot of the grassy field.

Joshua spoke of a barn he had seen further down the road.  We went there and there were no openings to the mostly boarded up and condemned structures.  But upon turning the car around, a heavy wind picked up and we spotted a shed.  It was spooky how the shed door was suddenly thrown open as if to invite us.  We stopped the car, stepped out and ninja hopped over a a chain, onto the ghostly property.  The landscape was just beautiful, wild yellow flowers and dried wild wheat belw furiously back and forth.  The wind howled through the power lines above.  It was all something out of a dream one suddenly wakes up from and a sense of longing and passing time stirs the soul.  Joshua stood there and took this photograph of the shed.

On the way out, we discussed further what talent we would bring to this small production.  Who would be willing to be adventurous with us, maybe trespass a little.  We have yet to find the woman who will get the massage in the video and we have yet to find the interior location of the large living room at the beginning and end of the piece.  But at the rate we are going, we will have both soon.

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