Aspiring Episodes 1 – 6

Under the Holding Pattern Productions banner, three men, Adam Skolnick, Kelton Reid, and Danny Ferry, decided to create a comedy web series based on two ne’er-do-well screenwriters, their inept talent agent, and their adventures in Hollywood.  The results were Aspiring, with the tagline, Livin’ La Vida Screenwriting.  We follow these unlikely heroes as they stumble into the office of a bona fide producer with a stolen script as their calling card.

Aspiring Episode #1:  In which Adam and Danny get mixed up with a demanding petitioner while Kelton, their agent, miraculously secures a Hollywood meeting.

Aspiring Episode #2:  Adam and Danny, realize they have not written a word of a script, and must resort to thieving from fellow slacker screenwriter pal, Paul.

Aspiring Episode #3:  Now armed with Paul’s script, Adam and Danny bring the treasure to Kelton, their agent, who loves it.  And they celebrate their triumph with a pair of local beauties.

Aspiring Episode #4: Danny and Adam receive a pregame talk from their agent, Kelton.  Armed with the tools for the big meeting with Ronn (with two Ns) Howard, our boys are on the brink of the big time.

Aspiring Episode #5:  Awaiting the backlash of the meeting that went very bad, Adam and Danny get hired to watch over their haunt, Flying Saucers Cafe.  Kelton finally catches up to them and tells them just how he feels about their self-destructive antics.

Aspiring Episode #6:  Their dreams all but dashed, Danny and Adam agree to watch a movie at their ol’ pal Paul’s place.  Turns out the movie they watch is from the script they stole, Bull Durham.  It was not Paul’s work at all, but an actual famous Hollywood motion picture.  But there is hope.  Something to do with what the boys blurted out during that botched meeting with producer Ronn Howard’s office.  And it might have to do with a picture deal.

Starting My Business

I have decided to start my business, Ferry Boat Films.  It has been a long time coming, but after having taught in the public schools for the last seven years and gaining a great deal of professional experience and security as far as income and benefits, it is time I pursued my passion for filmmaking fulltime.  This comes as a difficult decision because of what I will be losing, namely a sure paycheck and reliable work.  But I know that writing, shooting, editing, and working with actors and clients, inspires and excites me.  So I am starting a web-based video production company called Ferry Boat Films.  I would be able to write, shoot, and edit for you or your company’s website, commercial documentary films, educational programs, events, infomercials, real estate presentations, sports videos, training films, and narrative short films.  I have a story-telling, cinematic style and I merge that into everything I make.  Formerly, I was a member of a movie-making co-op with the handle of Holding Pattern Productions.  After wrapping our last short film project in early August, that co-op has since disbanded and been resurrected as Ferry Boat Films.  I will soon be picking up the Sole Proprietor moniker to make this all official.  But in the meantime please know that I would be honored to work with you in making movies for your business.  It is certain that on-line advertisements increase sales of your product and I offer competitive prices to make your vision a reality.  If you want to join forces and create moving images that will bring customers and income, please call at 303 501 0696, send me an email at, or write me on Facebook.  I am eager to bring your vision to the web.  Thank you for reading this post.