“Last Defense”

35 x 36  inches



This painting, Last Defense, is inspired by the visions I’ve seen for the cyberpunk feature film I’ve written, Snow Ghost.  It is a combination of scenes, concepts, and sensations that have lingered from the writing process. Because movies are so labor intensive, so expensive to produce, there is no guarantee they will ever be made.  A writer is often placed in the tragic circumstances of spending a year or more writing a feature only to have her story languish in her laptop.  So Last Defense is my artistic protection against that effort, some small insurance against the oblivion of an abandoned story idea.

Last Defense also represents what I feel to be a showdown against the attackers of art.  I like the idea of using art to battle those who are threatened by it.  Those who seek to destroy art, undermine it, impede it, and make sure it stays in its proper place are in my crosshairs, that is, those who spend no time in the inception, execution, distribution, exhibition, or consumption of art whatsoever. Those easily offended by violence, language, sexuality, and original ideas are often the same types who want to keep art in its place.

When we actively seek out original works of art, that art will reward us in return.  But to find art that speaks to us requires some effort and cost. Many of us are happy being spoon-fed art by the powerful corporate machines that are in place.  I speak of the mainstream, the Internet, the television, the movie theater, even the bookstore.

Original art is not often experienced anymore.  Consider the the formulaic cinema and music we consume, the name brand clothing we wear, even the ready-made foods we eat.  Also, please consider, the last work of original art that you consumed.  What creative endeavor did you spend your money on?  A music album?  A movie ticket?  A novel at the bookstore?  Or perhaps the holy grail of all art endowment, a painting, print or photograph?

This painting has become my defender against the systems that seek to slow or stop the creation of original art.  Ever since moving to Denver, I have come up against forces both real and perceived to limit my creativity and keep me in my proper place, even by those closest to me.  And so it is only natural that I fight back.

Art provides its creator with insight into truth.  After practicing enough of it, the artist has enough energy for the truth alone.  A keen awareness of anything forced or false.  The same is true for the consumers of art.  People who make an effort to bring original art into their lives will benefit far more than just possessing a pretty picture to hang on the wall.  Art is a Last Defense against the forces of evil.




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