A dying rocker is visited by his bandmates before realizing he has already passed on.


(in order of appearance)

Ryan Curtin as Reggie

Sia Urroz as Warren

Danny Ferry as David

Katie French as Francine

Laura Baukol as Carly

Katrina Miller as Maria


Joshua Marable as Howard

Written by Sia Urroz & Danny Ferry

Cinematography by Tim Brazzell

Produced by Danny Ferry & Sia Urroz


NOTE:  This film was shot within a 24 hour time period, entirely in sequence, and edited in-camera for the 2012 Boulder 24 Hour Shootout.  Color Kite won Best Art Direction and made the Top Ten Best films for the contest.  It was also featured on the front page of the Colorado Daily and the Boulder Daily Camera, Saturday, October 21st, 2012.

The Color Kite Fantastic, Daily Camera Article


A karaoke singer must rescue his beautiful muse from a controlling country club douche while crooning his tale of lost love.

Written and Directed by  Joshua Marable


Ryan Curtin as The Karaoke Singer

Jessie Matthews as Malinda

Joshua Marable as Thug Ninja


Danny Ferry as Keith Tanner

Guided Heights Productions





A special operations unit from the year 2021 jumps back in time to the year 2011.  The trio’s mission is to halt Tommy Vipero from murdering Michael McCaslin, the very man who invented time travel itself.  But this crew is up against a powerful opponent who has every intention of altering history in his favor.


Danny Ferry as Oliver Townsend

Alexis Glover as Eve

Joshua Marable as Aashir

Chad Hartkopf as Michael McCaslin

Ryan Curtin as Tommy Vipero

Chrissy Smiley as Badass #1


Katie French as Badass #2


Written by Danny Ferry & Joshua Marable

Cinematography by Tim Brazzell

Art Direction & Music by Joshua Marable

Produced by Danny Ferry & Joshua Marable

Directed by Danny Ferry



NOTE:  This film was shot in 24 hours, entirely in sequence, and edited in-camera for the 2011 Boulder 24 Hour Shootout.  However, it was disqualified from the competition on account of it being a minute too long as per the rules of the contest.